So...either you do not believe He is alive or Christ is not on the throne of your life. You are not alone. Christ Himself said, "The road to ruin is wide and there are many that are on it."

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No Belief?

    Christ alone can prove to you He is alive and...

    He will prove Himself alive to you if you ask Him to, "with whatever it takes!"
    He will not waste time or violate your will.

    Hopefully you already know that...whether you believe something or not...
    Your belief does not change the facts.

    Sometime you will be faced with reality and will not be able to deny it.
    Knowing and accepting the truth will alter your quality of life.

    Don't believe? Ask Christ Himself to prove to you that He is alive.

No Throne?

    "The devils believe and they tremble."

    If Christ is not on the throne of your life, ask Him to give you the understanding of why He should be and how you can let Him. He will take the throne, only at your request.

    Ask! He will live up to all He has promised!

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